Balcony test

The sky is the best softbox you can dream of. This is a little I did a few weeks back with a Canon 6D and 24/105L! I would have liked a bit more details in the clouds behind the model though...

From above

It was one these days. My plane got stuck because of a technical problem. I had to wait for a new one for 6 hours...then a thunderstorm decided to kick in.

Long story short, it was a boring day BUT i had the chance to enjoy a wonderful scenery from above. At 10 000 ISO the Canon 6D is still very capable (i'm writing this the very day Canon is announcing the 6D MK2).

That was 3 years ago...

Time flies like an arrow when you're having fun :) Here is a video for a photoshoot I did in the south of France in April 2014. Thanks to Lola and Irène for capturing the footage.