NEW! The Art of Portrait Retouching - Black and White

My first premium tutorial in English is finally available! I will teach you how to create a beautiful black and white portrait in Photoshop and Camera Raw! In 2.5 hours you will learn all the best techniques used by professionnal retouchers. The video is available thourgh VIMEO On Demand and the raw files are provided!

sculpt the light, edit in non destructive mode

Using the best workflow is essential to ensure you are editing your files in a non destructive way. After 15 years of experience in the fields of retouching and digital photography i know what is best for each case scenario. The techniques i'm showing have been tested in the real world; and have been benchmarked. And because everyone is different, i'll be showing you more than one way to achieve each essential task!

Skin retouching

All the best skin retouching techniques will be shown: frequency separation in Photoshop, healing & patch tools explained in Photoshop and also in Camera Raw. A really smooth skin or a dramatic look with texture, you will know how to achieve your own style in your portraits.

Black and White conversions

Photoshop and Camera Raw are immensely powerful tools; and most of the time there are several ways to do something. Black and White is no exception and all the best processes will be shown to achieve your own personal look!


  • 8 Video lessons in 4K streaming
  • Lifetime access, anywhere, anytime with no DRM
  • Downloadable exercice files
  • Available on desktop, mobile and tablet
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee